Pender Harbour POol Mural

With support from the Pender Harbour Community Centre, Ken Walters mentored Emily Gray during the summer of 2004 to create this 600 sq ft mural at the Pender Harbour Pool. This was a landmark project for Gray that propelled her into art school. Despite public interest and petitions to keep the mural, it was demolished in 2010 when the pool was renovated. Although its impact still resonates with Ken and Emily. 


Under the Sea

2004 - Ken Walters and Emily Gray - 6 weeks -  600 square feet! 

Art for the Community 


KEn Walters and emily gray - 2004 

Wow look at that baby face! They start them young on the Sunshine Coast, BC. with a support from Pender Harbour Community School, who brought together Ken Walters and Emily Gray.